Omaxe Water Front - A 1535 Acres Self Sustained Hi- tech Township Project by Omaxe is conceived under the grand vision, under Hi-tech Township Policy initiative of Govt of Uttar Pradesh, establishing self-sustained hi-tech settlements within the state for harnessing the rapid growth of its economy for a balanced development of its hinterland.Ask the connoisseurs of luxury about their most admired residential locations in this world and the most common thing you would find between their dreams would be an arresting and crystal clear view of tranquil waters running in the front. Thames, Hudson or Nile, name the famous water banks and you will find the dream abodes of the famed and famous. And the aspiration to create that heavenly lifestyle drove us to the serene streams of the Ganges in Allahabad.

The metamorphosis turned the quiet banks into the most premium and prestigious address of Allahabad and significantly India's first ever hi-tech city spread over rambling 1535 acres of land with rejuvenating waters at the front, Omaxe Waterfront. And the proposal is as deep as the Ganges. With state-of-the-art office complexes, special entertainment zones, educational institutes, health club, supermarkets, hospitals and everything that you can get in a metropolitan with revitalizing greens, Omaxe Waterfront turns out to be a self-sustained city in itself that will add an extremely modern skyline to the city of Allahabad and will be a gem to city's

Sangam City
Omaxe Twin Towers
Omaxe Square